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Heart Health

Heart Health

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The heart is the source of an individual’s internal energy and the home of emotions. It is responsible for pumping blood and oxygen to each tissue and cell of the body. That’s why Heart Health by Ayurveda2050 has been developed to ensure that our hearts remain healthy, sound, and happy.

This amazing product contains honey, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, ginger juice, and garlic juice. That's all. Naturally combined under the personal supervision of this trusted manufacturer with no additives or preservatives. The ingredients all benefit your overall heart wellness.

    Unlocking the Wisdom of Nature - Heart Health:

    • Antioxidant support: Enriched with honey and lemon juice, this supplement is excellent in terms of antioxidant support.
    • Cholesterol Management: In line with the Ayurvedic tenets, ginger juice, and garlic juice are used since they can manage cholesterol levels in the blood.
    • Immune-Boosting Vitamin C: Lemon juice will not only help boost your immune system with a rich vitamin C supply but also benefit your heart health by preventing bad cholesterol (LDL). This slows down the hardening of the arteries.
    • Anti-Inflammatory Effects: With its anti-inflammatory and cardioprotective properties, ginger root extract brings relief to our Heart Health supplement.
    • Complete Body Detox: The product contains apple cider vinegar, which is a common staple in Ayurveda for cleansing purposes. It is effective in managing cholesterol and blood pressure.

     Heart Health - Each 100 gm syrup contains:

    • Honey 44.43%
    • Apple cider vinegar with mother 18.52%
    • Lemon Juice 12.35%
    • Ginger Juice 12.35%
    • Garlic Juice 12.35%


    ● Before breakfast, every morning, on an empty stomach, mix three teaspoons (15 ml) with 100 ml (4ozs) of water.
    ● Do not consume anything for the next 30 mins.

    Quality Assurance

    Ayurveda2050's Heart Health supplement has been carefully created with nurturing intentions towards helping you have a healthier heart and a more vibrant lifestyle.

    100% Natural Herbal Dietary Supplement

    No Preservatives or Additives

    Always consult your physician about any complementary health approaches you employ.

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